2006 News & Updates

Welcome travelers of the world! old CURARECORDS has morphed into a new global project know as THE AKURA RECORDS PROJECT we are uniting America, Europe and Australia , so thanks a lot for trusting us— NAMASTE once again...

We have recently revamped the site design, hopefully now it's more accessible and easier on the eye.

We have also added a link to HIDROGENO RADIO based in México.

First of all thanks a lot to DJ DA-LA for helping us with the CURARECORDS project on the last two years but mainly for being there, he is the AKURA face on Europe.

We proudly announce the addition of Sebastian Pearce, an up-and-coming producer and DJ from the east coast of Australia and his project RED FOX ETHER, welcome! Brother Fox, it is a pleasure to have you with us, he also will be in charge of the management of AKURA on the kangaroo zone.

Here we are mainly psy trance based artists, but want to send the universal message in all of its forms. Every head is a world, and the world should be moved by our heads. So in 2005 we have welcomed some artists from the trance world and other music genres, such as EMMANUEL, founder of Zhen Recordings U.S.A, and also the CEO of dubxpress.com, the company that will change the future of the music industry!

We still count with one of the greatest alternative bands of all time, O.C.D, project of the Live Chameleon. These guys are based in the UK, and are making some great ZION styled music. I know that's not a proper definition of the genre, but I'm sure that the people out in ZION (a concept from William Gibson's novel Neuromancer) will be expecting some more realeases from these guys, so keep the party groovin', Shane.

March 2006 new blood has joined the AKURA PROJECT directly from Sweden a refreshing sound to fill your dreams meet MR. Spiros and his live project SPIROS

That's all for now. Please check our links section for updates, since we are just beginning to grow and watch our DNA expand...

Love and light, angel's delight... Peace on earth and Rhythm in the sky.


— Mr. Armitage.

Acknowledgements: Thanks a LOT to wordslinger for correcting the bugs in my writing style, "a huevo amigo." We must also give credit to DJ DA-LA, as he was the creator of most of the graphics and one of the Akura logos. He is also one of my mentors, so thanks again Marc for the music and friendship, we hope to see you in México again soon.



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