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Here are some of our favourite links. Check them out some time.

Brainwaves México A business owned and run by Carlos Osorio, aka Mr. Armitage, specializing in powerful & effective meditation tracks which use brainwave synchronization technology.

Dubxpress The music evolution of the 21st century. A new music marketing system developed by Paul Sysko aka Emmanuel. Learn a little more about DJ DA-LA and enjoy some of his mixes.

LIVE chameleons Personal homepage of O.C.D.

DarkSoho What else can we say?

IsraTrance Forum The biggest forum for goa/psy trance discussion on the net. The definitive resource for psy trance in Australia.

TIP World Let Raja Ram be your guide to an impressive array of music.

Twisted Records The home of Hallucinogen, Shpongle & much more.

Carisma-Project Great European producers and friends of ours.

Unfocused Ice Breakers Inc. A fascinating collection of artwork gathered from all around. A vast and extremely interesting source of knowledge.

Wikipedia The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with a very large scope of topics.

Hermetic Philosophy and the Mystery of Being Essays and exercises on Eastern and Western hermetic, esoteric and mystical philosophies to awaken Cosmic Consciousness and unfold Primordial Wisdom.

Shamanistic Arts & Metaphysical Specialties Inner peace, meditation, mystic revelations, artistic inspiration, entheogen usage, consciousness enrichment...

A World of Yoga A very practical and informative approach to the eight main kinds of yoga, by the articulate Ramakrishna Ananda.

Crystalinks Psychic & Spiritual Development A vast index of topics concerning spiritual matters.

Psychodelic Mushrooms MSN community The online MSN community of Psychodelic Mushrooms.

P.T.M. MSN community The online MSN community of the Psychotic Trance Mission.

William Gibson aleph The essential information collection about contemporary writer William Gibson, creator of Neuromancer.

W3Schools Free, accessible information regarding web development. Information and resources for small & home business enterprises.

The Tool Page A site for those interested in the band Tool. See for yourself.

artsetfree.comThe magic of SPIROS is reflected in this site...


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